Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lacross.. kinda (:

So my first request was to write about lacross. I juss laughed and brushed it off. But then I was thinking.. hmm.. maybe I should say something about lax.. My hubby is absolutely obsesseddd with that sport! He will talk, eat, sleep, drink, breathe, sing lacross if he could. I have had about enough with lacross! However, since it is something that means a lot to hubby, I go along with it.

There are times that even though you are not into something, you juss go along for the ride because that special someone is so enthusiastic about it & makes them happy. So if something as minute as a sport makes a loved one happy, why ruin it with a sour attitude? In the long run, if they are happy, you are happy. There will be times that something excites YOU & when the person you share the experience with, either by them being there or you talking about it, is wanting to hear what you have to say, your sweet little heart skips with joy because someone else is investing their time & attention into you. They may not care about the "thing" you are talking a . bout.. but they love you & care about you. Regardless of the redundant comments you make or the same stories you tell over & over again

Soooo.. next time you are in a situation that would make you wanna plug your ears permanently.. think about how you would like the other person to react to you (:


  1. Hi Karla, Just popped over magpiesoup to check out your blog and I like the concept and love the orange background lol. I`m going to add to your followers by one and let my lovely little enterage know about you. Support and positive action I suppose will grow the blogs?I did hear of a ebook on how to build up your blog?I`m just trying to track it.I like opinion above,happy loved one =happy home and happy me.

  2. hey you left me a comment on my blog i love the concept of your blog i think you should be a journalist . i def can use some pointers from you .. follow my blogg and i will most def follower yours . and no i have no follwers as of yet maybe you can be my first? lol ...
    thanks and enjoy the blogg life

  3. That is too funny. I saw Justing a couple of weeks ago outside of the church giving one of the youth kids some tips on LAX. The things we do for the men we love. By the way, did you ever stop to think that maybe your hubby was the one who posted the anonymous request about LAX (ROFL)!