Monday, February 28, 2011

Hat Head Fix

With all the annoying after effects of wearing a hat, it can be tempting to say “Forget it!” & venture out in the cold without one. No need to freeze, turn messy tresses into a cute style. A fast fix for hat head:

1. Remove your hat & hand your head upside down. Massage roots for 30 seconds, starting at the back & working you way to the front. The heat from your fingers will help smooth any dents that the hat may have created.

2. Stand up & gather all your hair at the top of your head, pulling strands upward. Hold the ends so roots are lifted & exposed, then spritz them with hair spray.

3. Once the hair is dry, use your comb to tease your roots. Go in one slow motion down toward your scalp (not up & down which can create tangles) to counteract flatness.

4. Finally, glide a dime-size drop of serum over your ends to calm any static & flyaways. Tip: Invest in a hat that’s a tiny bit bigger than normal so it doesn’t grip your head tightly & leave an obvious line.

.::. Cosmo

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