Saturday, September 24, 2011

Homecoming Dos & Makeup (:

Homecoming is right around the corner! In class, for the past couple of days we have been working on Up Dos for Homecoming. Check out the following pics for inspiration when you are getting ready for an amazing night out with you friends [[ & possibly that special someone ]]

Up Do Inspirations

Make Up Inspiration


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blow-Dry Boot Camp

Yesterday at my AmaZiNG school we had a Blow-Dry Boot Camp. We learned the different brushes & how to use them properly while drying the hair.

Paddle Brush
What is does: A paddle brush is great for many things! Every single one of us has one laying around somewhere in our house! Paddle brushes are great for straightening hair. This brush helps the hair lie flat on your head, with the least volume possible.
How to use: Start at the top of your head and smooth your hair around the curves of your head while apply heat from the blow dryer. Work your way down the back of your head by brushing the hair from left to right and right to left. 

Vent Brush
What it does: The vent brush lets air pass through it quicker, leading to a faster blow dry. However, it does not allow for much control of the hair, so this kind of brush is good, for example, if you want to quickly dry it to then use a curling iron.
How to use: Take down a section about the size of your brush, no bigger! Start wit the bristles facing you. Rock your brush towards the head and use the top couple of rows to grab the hair & brush forward. Keep the blow dryer about 5 inches away from the hair.

Round Brushes
What they do: Round brushes give curl and volume to the hair. The smaller the brush, the more volume you get, the bigger the brush, the less volume you get. Smaller brushes are best for short hair and larger brushes are best for longer hair.
How to use: Section horizontal partings in your hair, starting at the nape (the area under the protruding bone on your head). Using your pinky with the hand holding your hair dryer, pick up a small section and place the brush under the hair. For less volume, brush the hair down, for medium volume, brush the hair parallel to the floor, and for max volume, brush the hair straight up from root to ends.

Denman Brush
What it does: It smooths down the cuticle and makes the hair dry with a sleek look. It gives you that flat-iron look, but without the straightener.
How to use: Section hair the same width as the brush. Start with the bristles facing you & grab the hair with the top 2 rows of bristles.Make sure there is plenty of tension, that is what will straighten the hair to its maximum ability.

Have fun blow drying yours & your friends hair today!


Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm Back (:

For real this time. Haha I am going to switch things up a bit though. I started cosmetology school 3 months ago.

Why did I choose cosmetology as a career? Ever since high school, I have wanted to do hair and make up veryy badly! However, I did not follow my dreams & followed what everyone else wanted me to do with MY life. I went to UNF, transfered to UCF and got my A.A. Then, working towards my B.A, with 2 semesters left, I realized I was grumpy, easy agitated, unapproachable, this was not me! I did not want to keep living my life to other's liking, being miserable [[ and making my family's life miserable when I got home every day ]]. I decided it was time for me to be selfish. I am taking a break from getting my degree in Event Management to go to cosmetology school.

And let me tell you.. I have loved EVERYY minute of it! It has been the best decision I have made in my life. I am super excited to begin my day learning something new, something different and exciting, something I LOVEE doing! My life has changed dramatically! My husband loves having me home now [[ well, atleast I think he does! ]], I am in a good mood the majority of time, I have become more optimistic. I am just loving life! [[ Other than the fact that I very much dislike my job, but let's not get into that right now ]].

Soo, what you will be finding in this blog will be my journey through cosmetology school, new things that I have learned and picked up on, tips, tricks, and all the goodies there is to know [[ that I know about :P ]]

Pleasee I would like your input on anything & everything that you would like to add on! Your input is requested.