Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cheapp, Funn & Romantic

Do you guys watch the Bachelor? Have you noticed how unrealistic the dates are? Okay, so the Bachelor wows the women by taking them on outrageous dates such as repelling from a hundred story building, a private concert, or being a part of a Broadway show.

Well what happens after the show is over & the Bachelor found his "wife"? There will be high expectations for future dates that he might not be able to meet. Then what? They will become upset & tend to grow apart. The show basically sets them up for failure. There has been 15 seasons of the Bachelor, and out of those 15 seasons, one 1 couple has made it through. Why don't they plan "normal" dates that require little to no money, resources & time to plan? Are those dates not as romantic?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, but don't freak! You don't have to break the bank to have an amazing, romantic date with your lover.

5 Cheapp, Funn & Romantic Dates:

1. Staying in & cooking dinner together. The art of cooking is like a relationship. You each put in your own "ingredients" in & in the end, you get something deliciously unique. Set the mood by playing slow music in the background such as jazz or classical. Use flowers (hopefully the ones your other-half brought you!) as your centerpiece on the dining room table. Knowing that the food prepared in front of you was made with love makes the dinner even better.

2. Homemade Drive-In. Have you ever gone to a drive-in movie theatre? It's like going to the movies, but even better! It is so much fun and very romantic to watch a movie outdoors, however, it is very hard to find a drive-in movie theatre near you. And if you live by one, lucky you! Here's what you do: Pack a laptop, blankets & desserts & go to a nearby beach, park, or even your own backyard! It may get chilly out, but that gives you even more reasons to just cuddle up & enjoy mother nature (:

3. Ice Skating. Escape with your lover as you float on ice like there is no tomorrow. Forget about work, school, chores, worries & just let yourself go.

4. Take-Out & Candles. Not the cooking type? Order some take out, light a dozen of candles & turn off everything. No T.V, no iPod, no computer, no nothing. Spend this time just getting to know each other all over again. Talk about your day, your relationship, your feelings about each other. Just let loose.

5. Relive your first date. If your a guy, wash your car, hit the gym, have mom iron your clothes (haha), slick your hair back with a pound of gel, pick up some roses, open the door for your date.. If your a girl, get your hair & nails done, go tanning, pick out 7 different outfits.. Go to the same place you first went to, order the same meal, sit in the same seats, go to the same theatre, etc.. Reliving your first date will trigger some lost memories & experience that you have had with each other. It will open your eyes to everything that has happened for both of you & how far you have come since that first date.

Hmm.. I think I should subtly hint at hubby to read my blog.. maybe it'll strike some ideas into his head for Valentines dayy (: Have fun!


  1. great article!
    Love the look of your blog...
    won't you follow mine?

  2. I definitely agree with the Bachelor! Publicity stunts would you say?!

  3. I feel Valentines should be simple and heart felt, as we all feel the crunch right now even more important to get back to what is real. Love the drive-In idea. love your new look.

  4. By the way Karla, I forgot to mention, we have a real drive-in not too far from our place. We will have to plan a night with the families. Fun!